The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, ICE, was created by the George W. Bush administration in 2003. Since then, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, it has steadily grown into a deportation machine. Today, the agency detains 100,000 people annually; under the current administration, there has been an unprecedented surge in raids at courthouses, hospitals, schools, and workplaces around the country, which have resulted in the detainment and deportation of undocumented people with no criminal record and who pose no threat to anyone. The Trump administration has weaponized ICE to traumatize immigrant communities and tear families apart.

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So here’s this: a 60-second track, “Abolish ICE.” It’s not a song. It’s not music. It’s just two words, spoken. If you control a playlist at your place of work, add it. If you’re making a party playlist, add it. If you’re sharing a mix with your friends, add it. These words should be in the air everywhere. This is our small way of ensuring that are. Any and all proceeds from streaming royalties of these two words will be donated to organizations working to protect families at the border.

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